10 Best Apps like Cinema HD | Cinema APK Alternatives 2021

As Cinema HD is one of the best free movie watching applications, so fans of it search for more apps like Cinema HD. In this article, we will introduce some of Cinema HD alternatives, that are similar to this app.

Apps like Cinema HD | Alternative Apps of Cinema Apk V2

Most of the apps are tested by us and few of them are not tested yet. So, if you think that I miss mentioning any app to this list that is closely similar to the app, then please drop the name of the app in below comment box.

We would like to sort the app by its users and user experiences. So, you can help by submitting the list that is sorted by popularity. If you submit the list sorted by popularity we will edit the content and published it as well.

So without wasting much more time let see what the best apps like Cinema HD are:

  1. Showbox
  2. Popcorn Time
  3. Movie HD APK
  4. Popcornflix
  5. Tea TV
  6. Bee TV
  7. Catmouse
  8. live net tv
  9. Mobdro
  10. Kodi tv

So these are the best alternative to Cinema HD App. Let see more information about these free movie watching applications;

Showbox: Alternative to Cinema HD

Showbox Alternative to Cinema HD

Showbox is a very popular app that allows users to watch on-demand videos across the internet. Although this is popular and can be used in all reign this is much more popular in the western countries, especially in the US and UK.

Peoples love this app because they get those for free that they search for. Users can watch almost all TV programs, TV shows, Movies, other videos.

The interface is very much user-friendly, to any of the users, so anyone can understand the navigations of the app on his/her first use.

Like Cinema Apk, this app also offered many features that make it more appealing. You can download, watch and cast the videos on other devices like FireStick or Roku device.

After testing the app I find this app worthy, and I recommend many of my followers to use this app as a good alternative of Cinema HD Apk.

Although this app is not available to iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you may still use this app by following that method by which I show how to install Cinema HD iOS device.

Popcorn Time: Apps like Cinema HD v2

Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is very much similar to Cinema HD, this might be helpful to make your time more enjoyable. Because of its outstanding features, the app became very much popular and it has been installed on many devices

Peoples love this app because the app is very much easy to use, it has a huge collection of videos, less buffering, app size is very small and it is free to use the app.

Popcorn time app offers Movies, TV shows and many more other types of video content. This app serves videos on demand that means, you will get those contents that are trending on the web.

Like all other apps that are mentioned in this post, you can also download this app on your Android phone, iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and Firestick. You can also cast the screen on your Roku tv.

Popcorn time reserves high-quality videos, you can watch HD and ultra HD videos. You can enjoy videos with subtitles so this will help when you watch a video this is not in your mother language.

Movie HD Apk: Movie app like cinema hd

Movie HD Apk Movie app Like cinema hd

The concept of Movie HD Apk is very much similar to Cinema HD. You can enjoy unlimited demand for videos with subtitles for free. The app also has a good collection of HD Movies, TV programs and much more video content.

Like those apps that are mentioned above, you can also download install and use them for free. To install the app on your different devices you might click on this link to know where to download, how to install and use the app on your devices.

This application can be used on Android, iOS, Firestick and Roku TV. If you follow the above link you can find all the instructions, you can do everything.

This app is recommended for you if you want to enjoy movies without buffering problems. Also, this app offers high-quality video content including high-resolution HD and 4K videos.

Popcornflix: app like cinema hd

Popcornflix app like cinema hd

This app name of the app looks like popcorn time Apk but these are not the same rather these are different and both of them are performing well as a free movie streaming app. Popcornflix is also a popular name for movie lovers.

This app also offers high-quality on-demand video content for free. You can use the app as an alternative to the Cinema Apk app because this app has a good collection of quality videos.

You can watch videos with subtitles like other applications, so this will be helpful to you to watch videos with much pleasure.

Peoples love this app cause they find the contents that are people search for. You might be able to search for trendy movies that are released some days ago.

Don’t worry you can download, install and use this app on different operating-based devices including android, iOS, Mac OS, Amazon FireStick and Roku TV.

Tea TV


This is another movie-watching app that is like Cinema HD and performing well as a movie-watching app. This app offer trending contents that are searching peoples every day, you can watch any videos with subtitles that are available on the app.

The interface of the app is very user-friendly, once you download and install the app you can understand how to use this app.

Also, this app has a good collection of video content, and the quality of the video is good. You can enjoy videos with HD Quality.

This app is worth it for you cause you will not need to use even a penny and it has a good collection of video content.

You might check out this app if you search for the best apps like cinema HD Apk.

Bee TV

bee tv

As you search for the best alternative to Cinema HD you should check out Bee TV. Cause this app is a good alternative of Cinema HD and performing well. This app is also trusted by many users and being one of the best feature-rich movie streaming applications.

This app is free to download, install and use on your different devices. You can use this on your android device but if you want to use it on other devices, including, PC, iOS, Firestick and Roku, then you have to follow some easy steps.

A huge collection of movies, high-resolution videos, less buffer while streaming, easy user interface, free to download and install is its most attraction.



This pretty cool app comes to live in July 2019 since then movie watching app performing well. Although the app is used by fewer users than the period when the app was first released, still the app is a good alternative to Cinema HD.

You can check it out, hope you get a good experience with this app, which means this would be worth a try. It offers good features and it has a good collection of video content.

The user experience of the app is good, you will enjoy, low buffer while playing, easy to use, higher resolution content.

Live Net TV

Live Net TV

Another alternative to Cinema HD is Live Net TV. You Might find this app helpful cause it offers all the features that a movie stream loves to watch movies.

This app is free to download, install easy to use. The interface of the app is cool and anyone can easily understand the navigation of the app.

The contents of the app come with high resolution. You can stream any videos with higher resolution. Probably that’s why people love this app.

This app offers a huge collection of movies, TV shows and much more programs. And all of the contents come with Higher Definition (HD). You will find here 730p and above resolution videos for free.

Mobdro: Best alternative of Cinema HD


If you really search for a great movie streaming app that provides awesome features and has a huge collection of demandable high-resolution content, then Mobdro is recommended for you.

Mobdro is very popular in western countries especially in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Because of its outstanding features, people loves this application.

This application comes with all the feature that a movie lover search for. If you download and install it on your device, you will also love this app.

If you really want to make fun of yourself at home you should check out this app on your device. This would be worthy for you.

You can watch videos with subtitles, mark videos as love, and also download them to watch later. You can use the[Ma1]  search box to find out your favorite movie or TV shows.

The interface of the app is very easy and very user-friendly. The first time you install it on your device and start using you will understand all of its navigation without any hassle.

Kodi TV

kodi tv

Kodi TV can be considered as an alternative to the Cinema HD App. You might find this app on Google Play Store. You can also download from its official web address or any other third-party apps website.

The developer of Kodi TV released the app on different Operating Systems (OS). Where most the other apps come only for Android and need to follow some steps to install other operating systems, Kodi TV is more hassle-free cause the developer develop the app for different OS

As the app provides a separate setup file for specific OS, the app is very much simple to install and use. You will need to download as per your Operating systems.

The official website of the app has been visited by almost 3 Million peoples every month, so hope you understand about the popularity of it.

Kodi TV always provides good quality Videos. You can enjoy movies with both HD and 4K videos.

Final Verdict

So this is all about the Cinema HD Alternative, which means almost all of the apps like Cinema HD. You can check these out so you will enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows with subtitles for Free.

Almost all the apps are offering a higher resolution of videos so you will not worry about the quality of the videos. Hope you get a good experience with these apps and you won’t need to check out other apps, as though these are the best of all Cinema HD Apk.

As I mentioned before that all the apps are not tested by us so you should check this at your own responsibility, if you face any problem downloading and install these apps, you can let us know by using below comment box.

So without further delay start to check out these apps that are likely to Cinema HD. Enjoy Cinema HD Alternative Right Now!