Cinema HD iOS V2 Download and Install on iPad and iPhone

Cinema HD iOS: Entertainment is an essential part of life and movies and TV shows are one of the best parts of entertainment. But it is not possible to go to Cinema Hall or multiplex to watch the latest movies, or sometimes we can’t manage time to watch movies and TV shows because of hectic schedules. As a result, we miss our Favorite TV Shows. In this situation, if you want to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in your free time you need a video-on-demand application.

Cinema HD iOS

There are tons of video-on-demand applications some of them are for free and some of them are not for free. Some applications will want a premium subscription, or free applications will not meet all of your desire. However, there is a feature-rich video on demand application which is absolutely for free but meet all of your desire and provide videos on your demand at any time anywhere.

Yes, I am talking about Cinema Apk, which is formerly known as Cinema HD App. Cinema HD App is a video-on-demand application that provides videos on your demand and all the contents of the application are really for free.

Apk Size16 MB
Android Version RequiresAndroid 5.0
DeveloperCinema HD
CategoryEntertainment (Movies & TV Shows)
Available forAndroid, PC, iOS, FireStick and Roku
RatingTop Rated

Information about Cinema Apk iOS

Cinema HD or Cinema APK is a feature-rich application that comes with all necessary features for the users who love the application. You just start to use the app and you will find all of the features are around to you and it’s just for free. All of its features included in the free version of the app. Further, the app does not offer any paid version for users. Though you will get more advantages you will need to deal with advertisements. You can install the app in Android, FireStick, PC and iOS devices.
It is good news that you would be able to install Cinema APK on iOS like all other devices such as Android, Firestick/Fire TV, and even install it on your Windows PC or MAC Computer. Because of being multi-platform availability of Cinema HD Apk, the app becomes more popular than all other related apps.

Besides that, in the app, you can find new and popular video-on-demand content more easily on the Cinema HD App. All the credits of this great content management system and features are going to its team. They working hard to make the application more useable for the users and provide great experiences in the Cinema HD Apk app.

Cinema HD iOS Features

So that you get more ideas about how awesome the Cinema HD App is and how amazing features they are providing, please read the below contents about the amazing features of Cinema Apk. The most awesome part of the application is it is absolutely free to use. It has no hidden fees or paid versions as well. Further, the updated versions of Cinema Apk is coming with high-speed servers. This means the download speed provided by Cinema Apk is pretty Awesome, unlikely all other related Apps of the app.

Features that are available on Cinema HD

  • Developers of Cinema HD Apk bring a cool looking and easy to use interface. The well-decorated menus, great file management systems, easy availability of contents and search bar on the top screen to find content directly by searching on the search bar.
  • Cinema Apk also supports subtitles which makes it more useful than all other relative applications available online. So, you understand movies and TV shows in the languages you don’t know the movie streaming app provides you the support to watch movies with subtitles.
  • Cinema HD App is only tiny in size. So, you don’t need to have to worry about Ram’s space for this application.
  • It is not a 100% ad-free application but the app contains ads, they are not much annoying.

More Features

  • CinemaHD app doesn’t require any kind of registration or sign-up in order to set up and start using Cinemaapk. Even no need to sign up with your Google account to download or install the app. You just download and install the app and the app will be ready to perform for you.
  • The date of the Latest Cinema HD App is pretty huge and full of on-demand content. Hardly will you face a situation when you unable to find your desire content rather the app is full of unlimited on-demand contents. However, if you really face this kind of situation then you have the option to request that specific contents. If you request for content the developer of the application will add the content on a priority basis.
  • Please note to use the Cinema HD app on your iOS doesn’t require jailbreaking on your iPhone or iPad device

I hope you already understand how much app is useful for the user for Movie and TV shows lovers and how pretty cool the app’s features are.

Download and Install Cinema HD Apk for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad)

Unfortunately, the developer of the Cinema HD App doesn’t directly design Cinema HD iOS devices. But still, you can use the app by following these guide step by step:

  1. First of all, you will need to download a third-party app store to download Cinema HD on your iOS devices including iPhone and iPad.
  2. You can use AppValley, for this purpose, to download the app store visit: or you can simply search on Google to find and download the app for your iOS device.
  3. As you download and install the app store on your iOS device, you continue and can go through the next steps.
  4. In this step, you need to Go to the settings, and in the section, you will find the “Profile and Device Management,” option there. You need to click on it to allow the AppValley app store with trust permissions and lunch it.
  5. Now, lunch AppValley and on its search box type “Cinema App” if you don’t get it then go for “Bobby Movie” or “Coto Movies” and download it.
  6. Next, Install the app in again and go to the settings and provide the trust permissions. Now your app has been installed successfully and you are ready to use the app in your iOS devices like iPhone or iPad.

You can also download and install the movie streaming app by following the below video tutorial

Download and Install Cinema HD iOS on iPhone and iPad


Can I get the Cinema HD on my iPhone?

Yes, you can download and install Cinema HD on your iPhone. Although the developer doesn’t design a special version for iOS devices, we provided guides about how you can download and install on your iOS devices in the above article.

Is Cinema HD free?

Yes, Cinema HD Apk is free to use application. Although the app performs like a premium one luckily all of its contents are absolutely for free.


Cinema HD IOS App is a great app to watch movies and TV shows. Despite being an android app, but you can use it on your iOS device by following the above tutorial. The Features rich movie streaming app has got tons of great features. For example, there are so many channels and shows that are available for free of cost. In this article, we just tried to make clear all of the information about Cinema Apk app. And also tried to show, how to get it on your iOS device. However, if you face any problem or if you know more easiest and helpful information or installation process please let us know via comments. Thanks for reading the post till the end.

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