Cinema HD Roku – Download install & use cinema apk on Roku TV

Cinema HD can be used on Roku TV. In this tutorial, we going to show how to install and use the app on your Roku device.

Before starting the tutorial let us explain what Cinema HD Apk is and why you install the app on your device.

Apk Size16 MB
Android Version RequiresAndroid 5.0
DeveloperCinema HD
CategoryEntertainment (Movies & TV Shows)
Available forAndroid, PC, iOS, FireStick and Roku
RatingTop Rated
Cinema HD Roku
Cinema HD Roku

Well, Cinema HD v2 is basically an Android App that will help you carry your movies, TV shows, and many more video contents. Oh Yeah! Not you carry this content actually, but your device will do that.

How? Well, Cinema HD is that app, which offers movies, TV shows, and much more demandable videos on your devices.

Questions will appear here that “Do I need to buy a subscription to watch movies on this app?”

The answer is, no. You can use the app without any subscriptions. You can watch all of its contents absolutely for free, even without wasting a penny.

Download Cinema HD for Roku Device

Before you can install the movie and TV shows watching app on your computer you have to download the app. You may download Cinema HD for Roku TV from this website which is absolutely for free.

Just click on the above download button. Once you click on the button you will reach the download page from where you can download the app with one click.

As you successfully download the app, this time you need to follow the further processes to start set up the app on your Roku device.

So without wasting much time let’s see: how to install Cinema HD Apk on Roku TV.

Install Cinema HD on Roku TV

To install Cinema HD on Roku TV you need to follow the below steps. This method will work with a smartphone where the smartphone sent the screen to the Roku device with a Receiver app.

Follow the below steps to install Cinema apk on Roku TV;

1st Step: Install All Screen – Android app

All Screen is an Android app that will need to connect with Cinema HD App. This app will send the media with the Roku device so that Roku can receive that and display it on its screen.

All Screen App
All Screen App

To install the app on your Android device go to the Google Play Store and search by typing All Screen. Once you type it on Google Play and perform a search, you will see an app named “All Screen Video Cast Chromecast, DLNA, Roku, FireTV” on the top of the search result. Install it on your mobile.

2nd Step: Add All Screen Receiver on Roku device

All Screen Receiver is basically a companion app to the All Screen Android app, which will transfer photos, videos, music and other media to the Roku device. It helps you to stream Videos of Cinema APK.

To add this to your channel list you will need to visit the Roku Channel Store web page and search for All Screen Receiver once you get it, press OK,

All Screen Receiver
All Screen Receiver

Now you will need to press ok on “+ Add channel”, so that it will add to your device channel list.

3rd Step: Connect both Device with same WIFI and Start Enjoying

Connect both of the devices with the same Wifi connection.

Connecting an Android device with wifi is easier than the Roku TV. You might easily connect wifi with your Smartphone but it is a bit tricky to connect a Roku device with Wifi.

Let see how to connect wifi to Roku TV;

  • During set up you will see a prompt screen where it asked to select Wired or wireless device you need to select an option depending on your WIFI configuration. If your wireless connection is wired then select wired otherwise select wireless.

Note: wired option will not appear on the setup screen if you don’t connect the Ethernet port before start setting up. So make sure you connect the Ethernet cable to the port.

If you select wired then the device will be connected to the wifi but if you select wireless then continue the next steps;

  • If you chose wireless then you should see your wifi network on available network list. If you don’t find your wifi on the list, you need to select Scan again to see all networks.
  • If the network is being password protected then you need to drop the password to connect with wifi.

Final Steps: Check out working or not

As you already follow and done the above process is it almost sure that you are ready to Watch Cinema HD movies and Tv Shows on your Roku device.

Let’s check it out if working or not working;

  • Open Cinema HD Apk V2 on your Android device.
  • Find and play any video on the movie streaming app and then select the option “play with”.
  • Once you will select OPEN WITH option you might see the option “All Screen” App. Select it as a median player

Thus you can enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows with Cinema HD Roku App for free.

Note: It’s important to connect both devices under the same wifi otherwise this might not work properly.

If you will not find the option “play with -> All-Screen”, please check out after a moment, hope this will be fixed.

Cinema HD alternative for Roku

There are also some alternatives to Cinema HD but still, this is much more pretty good with its awesome features. If you search for the alternatives of Cinema HD App then you can check out Showbox, BeeTV, Poncornflix, MovieBox.


It may say that it is very easy to use Cinema HD on a Roku device with the above process. You can still use the app with other processes where you can use AllCast, sideload the APK, and cast screen. All of the processes are much closer to each other. Still, you can those process if you find them easier than this.

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